Total Uganda Limited

We are previleged to be a sole authorised supplier for Total from 2011-2014.Read More

Ministry Of Defence

Black Abb was prequalified as a provider of services to the Ministry of  Defence.Read more

Civil Aviation Authority

We were engaged by Civil Aviation Authority Uganda to supply VIP Staff uniforms. Read more 


Black Abba has a unique buesiness model that allows it to achieve consistent, sustainable growth. The company is a global, low-cost importer and exporter using efficiency, technology and geography to deliver superior margins. At the same time,full intergration-backward and forward, smoothes and optimizes cost,allowing economics of scall and scope.

Finally, the company's global experience and presence ensures unmatched global market intelligence.

Black Abba is focused on organic growth,expanding our global footprint,enhancing our local dominance,ensuring diversification, and furthering vertical intergration.