Total Uganda Limited

We are previleged to be a sole authorised supplier for Total from 2011-2014.Read More

Ministry Of Defence

Black Abb was prequalified as a provider of services to the Ministry of  Defence.Read more

Civil Aviation Authority

We were engaged by Civil Aviation Authority Uganda to supply VIP Staff uniforms. Read more 


Blackabba limited was founded by a competent and experienced team of Ugandans as a company aimed at improving the rapidly changing fashion industry in Uganda. The Blackabba Fashion group is collection of 5 different outlets all devoted to supplying the people of Uganda with the best clothing. 

The group caters for every body as the prices are are placed according to the items, so one can cut their coats according to their sizes. At Blackabba, we harness our expertise to deliver reliable, innovative fashion and garment supplies to improve our clients business and performance. 

Blackabba limited is a sole distributor company which deals in quality fashions and affordable garments in Uganda. We also deal in; 

  • Tiles
  • Carpeting and cantens
  • Furnishing and interior finishing

Since its foundation, Blackabba has boosted up a well-organized distribution network and using the wide experience aims at introducing and providing the best quality fashion and garment solutions in Uganda.

Our aim is to achieve quality fashion and affordable garments, service leadership in providing value-added high quality products to our clients in selected horizontal and vertical segments, by combining technology skills, domain expertise, process focus and a commitment to long-term client relationships.